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Who will protect Earth from Space “Brothers in Mind”?

The website gives results of our observation and research in S-radiation spectrum, which our science is almost unaware of. For this reason we were the first to find out that since 2003 the Earth has been colonized by extracellular form of life that exists as a non-visible sphere, generating S-radiation.

Moreover, on 1st of January 2007 we found out that another sphere of extracellulars is rapidly approaching the Earth from the Space.

Their arrival was featured by 70 000 death toll in Europe in August 2003. But the scientists, knowing nothing of their existence blamed the hot weather. Afterwards, this sphere disjointed into undersize particles, which have occupied the whole Eastern Europe, or, maybe, even the whole Earth. Currently, they dwell in people’s buildings and are multiplying by sucking out S-radiation from the household appliances as well as energy from the human beings. It worsens the state of our environment and may make houses unfit for human habitation. Besides, the extracellular form of life sucks out energy from geopathogenic radiation, which poses threat of global climate changes.

And the fact that they draw off electricity from electrical supply networks may lead to greater electrical energy loss or even may destroy the electrical stations.

The only way to fight against it is through an abridgement of S-radiation from technical equipment and, simultaneously, getting the energy out of the extracellular spheres ourselves. For this purpose we have worked out techniques which are unprecedented today. Nevertheless, they can be applied only provided that all the countries of global community will coordinate the efforts, which can be carried out only by a military bloc. Such coordination can be fulfilled only by a military bloc that is in charge of the Earth defence. This very bloc will not allow another Earth occupation by the extracellulars. For example, we can transmit special S-radiation recordings by the radiolocators towards the extracellulars, which scares them away.

We found out that S-radiation is generated by the informational energy structure of any strained matter, including that one which God and a human being consists of. This allowed us to work out the S-radiation that arouses human inner energy reserves. Particularly, it improves sexual potency as well as strength, stamina and effectiveness of the sportsmen like any dope. There is also well-founded evidence that it is the way to prolong the human life expectancy.
It has also been ascertained that S-radiation neutralization installed in a refrigerator intensifies taste of food and drinks. The physics process of harmful S-radiation from technical equipment has been disclosed. Thus, the application of God physics will give an opportunity to make an unprecedented advance in technology development.


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